West Covina Users Group Meeting

The West Covina Service Group is proud to announce during the final quarter of 2015 our team began working with recognized experts in the industry to map out and architect our next generation leading edge public safety software solution. While we have been in the planning stages for a long time, it was in November 2015 when we received the full support from the West Covina City Council, along with the funding necessary, to embark upon this endeavor. Over the last few months an extensive amount of work has been accomplished and we know we have a challenging time ahead of us.

Our continued success is predicated on your ability to provide quality services to the communities you serve. As is our daily practice we remain committed and focused on providing the users of the West Covina Service Group software the highest level customer support possible. We will thereby continue to maintain our current software products and will balance enhancement requests with new software development goals.

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