Record Management

The West Covina Service Group’s Record Management solution provides law enforcement agencies visibility into the vast amount of information collected daily by users of the system. The information is organized and categorized for maximum usability and access. The many modules which extend from the Record Management system further store and process information for ease of retrieval and evaluation. The information is indexed and placed into a centralized repository to provide reports, data searches, record sharing and collaboration with internal and external databases.

Command Staff are able to review and evaluate incidents and critical information quickly. Underlying trends and data analysis can be accomplished to assist in decision making for resource allocation and service level commitments. Reports can be viewed, exported and managed to provide a complete picture of a current incident, or several years of trend analysis for a global view of services provided. Leveraging Microsoft platforms and advanced Business Intelligence, reports can be viewed on a multitude of devices and environments. Graphs, charts, text, sliders and map-based data is available and users have the ability to customize their views and perspective of information being presented.

All crime statistical reports required for State and Federal level reporting, Uniform Crime Report (UCR) and Arrest and Citation Report (ACR), are in place and kept updated with relevant and required changes. Connectivity to external law enforcement databases and applications are available to export localized captured data into regional databanks for multi-jurisdictional analysis.



We’re excited to unveil the Electronic Subpoena Acknowledgement and Notification System (eSNAS) a state-of-the-art e-subpoena software made especially for police officers. See below for a list of features.

– Easy for employees to track subpoenas
– Integrate with your RMS
– Complete and easy supervisory oversight
– Automatically create and send email reports to team sergeant, command staff, or subpoena control employee
– Reduce costs & stay efficient – easy to trail, call off officers, and sync-up all officers
– Full support staffed with live people

eSNAS – Software by police officers, for police officers.

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Jail Management

The RMS includes a built-in booking module for booking arrestees and capturing the relevant information needed at time of booking. This information includes general physical identifiers along with descriptions of scars, marks, tattoos, booking photos, charges, court dates, release dates and other associated and relevant information. Reports are available to track booking and release activities one example can be found in the Daily Arrest Inquiry report.

The booking module supports integration with the 3rd party booking systems such as JailBars (enhanced jail management software application) and LiveScan (County-wide fingerprint and identification system).

Property and Evidence

The property module has been designed for quick and easy entry of property into the system. The Property Module allows for the use of barcode labels and barcode scanners to facilitate better management of property within the system. Barcode labels can be printed from within the system to be placed on property items, envelopes, or storage locations. These labels can be used to manage the release of property, the transfer of property to new storage locations, and for the booking of new property into the system.

Chain of custody is also maintained using the barcode system and there are many reports available to view and track property as it moves throughout the system. These reports can be exported in several formats for viewing or for additional calculations/evaluations as needed. Property can me managed individually or in bulk depending upon your specific requirements and/or crime reports associated.

Officers are able to book property into the system using the Mobile Field Reporting module. This option allows officers to quickly associate physical evidence with a crime report and to link the evidence, including images, photographs and videos, into the report package for submission and approval.

A part of the property and evidence module is The Media Center which is a centralized storage location whereby digital photographs, audio files and videos can be uploaded, categorized and stored for later retrieval. The media center enables text descriptor labels to be added as the digital evidence is uploaded for further identification and searching functions.


Intelligence & Dashboard Tools

The West Covina Service Group’s management reporting options include an extensive amount of information and reports to provide leadership the ability to make meaningful decisions regarding resource allocation. The information provided simplifies the discovery of trends and identifies where service deliverables are being met or could be improved upon. Reports are easily exported into formats consumed by commonly used Microsoft analysis tools.

Coming Soon! The West Covina Service Group will be providing innovative dashboards utilizing Business Intelligence tools provided by Microsoft. These dashboards and tools will be consumable reports designed for all levels of management and supervision. These tools will be end user configurable, role-based, and will provide supervisors and command staff a snapshot (1000 foot view) of operations and agency performance. These tools will also have the ability to drill down into the details of the data for a closer analysis of operational performance including response times, criminal activities and geographical trends.

Managing Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations module within RMS has been designed to reduce the complexity of locating information and managing multiple investigations. Completed report packages along with evidence related to cases are gathered and easily identified so the investigators/detectives can spend their time working cases.

Assigning investigators/detectives to cases is accomplished with a few clicks and cases can be reassigned to other investigators/detectives in mass when required. The Criminal Investigations module allows for multiple investigators/detectives to collaborate on cases and independently collect evidence and/or complete narrative reports for open cases. Reports provide supervision relevant information on case activities, status’ and up-to-date case notes including comments and case progress. Additional information is also available by investigator/detective, prosecution summary information, pawn reports, along with a variety of clearance codes which are customizable.

Cloud Based Solutions

    The progression of cloud based computing services have evolved to now include CJIS approved data storage. Using Microsoft technologies, the West Covina Service Group is developing future applications to exist in this secure cloud environment. To hear more about this exciting shift in platform and development contact the West Covina Service Group.


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