The West Covina Service Group’s RMS and CAD systems have seamless integration, unsurpassed crime analysis reporting, and direct CLETS connectivty. Adding to that, our 24-Hour support makes our systems second to none.


Seamless Integration

Unsurpassed Crime Analysis Capability

Enhanced Administrative Reporting

Comprehensive Auditing Capability

Direct CLETS Connectivity

Third-Party Software & 911 Interfaces

Fully Hosted and Non-Hosted Systems


The West Covina Service Group is managed by experts currently in the field of providing emergency response and citizen service to the communities we serve. The software is designed, developed and maintained by technology professionals who are currently serving as emergency services personnel or who have devoted their career to developing platforms which now serve communities throughout California and neighboring States.

Our main goal is to provide a cost effective, fully functional software product to be used by Law Enforcement and Fire professionals in a rapidly evolving world of technology, and to provide a solution which does not require a city to invest in additional technology professionals to maintain and support the application. To find out more about how the West Covina Service Group can save your city money by reducing annual maintenance costs associated with your existing CAD, RMS and Mobile environment please contact us below!

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Record Management

The West Covina Service Group’s Record Management solution provides law enforcement agencies visibility into the vast amount of information collected daily by users of the system. The information is organized and categorized for maximum usability and access. The many modules which extend from the Record Management system further store and process information for ease of retrieval and evaluation. The information is indexed and placed into a centralized repository to provide reports, data searches, record sharing and collaboration with internal and external databases.


Computer Aided Dispatch

When every second counts, the West Covina Service Group’s Computer Aided Dispatch software has the reliability, features and tools available to help your professional call takers provide exceptional customer service for your community. With integrated GIS Mapping and multi-jurisdictional dispatching capabilities, the assignment of Police or Fire resources to an event has never been easier. The software’s robust connectivity options including externals, Record Management integration and a seamless data transfer into the Mobile Software Suite, extends the event data captured in CAD throughout your connected organization.


How Everything Works

An Executive Overview of the solution provided by the West Covina Service Group

The West Covina Service Group software includes:


  • Connector.

    Computer Aided Dispatch for Police and Fire

  • Connector.

    Record Management System (with an extensive set of associated modules)

  • Connector.

    Mobile Client for MDC

  • Connector.

    Mobile Field Reporting with Approval Process (paperless report approval)

What we provide for many of our customers:


  • Connector.

    CJIS approved data center for servers and connectivity

  • Connector.

    We manage the software you select on our servers (or you can manage at your location)

  • Connector.

    We manage and maintain the connections to CLETS (or you can manage at your location)

  • Connector.

    We are responsible for data backups and recovery (or you can manage at your location)

  • Connector.

    We conduct all updates and patches on the servers you are using

What our customers have at their locations:


  • Connector.

    Computer Aided Dispatch software installed on your PC’s

  • Connector.

    Record Management Software installed on your PC’s

  • Connector.

    Mobile Client software on your MDC’s (for CAD event information)

  • Connector.

    Mobile Field Reporting software installed on your MDC’s

  • Connector.

    A secure Virtual Private Network connection to our data center

Training and Updates:


  • Connector.

    We provide installation services for the software options you select

  • Connector.

    We provide complete training on the software options you select

  • Connector.

    We provide ongoing maintenance and updates to the software you are using

  • Connector.

    We provide 24 hour technical support for the software you are using

  • Connector.

    We provide data conversion services to transition your data into our servers

  • Connector.

    We provide consulting and custom software programming as needed

  • Connector.

    We promote feedback from our customer group to enhance our software


About Us

dispatch_2aIn business since 1995, the West Covina Service Group designs and builds Public Safety Software Solutions utilizing leading-edge proven technology and progressive software programming techniques. The end result is an easy-to-use, powerful, yet comprehensive software solution which provides the end-user a productivity tool to address the needs of a progressive public service entity.

The West Covina Service Group’s products include: Computer Aided Dispatch, Record Management Software, Mobile Computing software and Mobile Field Reporting solutions. The software is written and maintained by professional software developers who are employees of the West Covina Service Group.

Many of our customer agencies are “hosted”, meaning all necessary hardware and software is housed within the West Covina Police Department’s data center and maintained by West Covina Service Group professionals. This means customers do not have to purchase or manage expensive servers, back-up storage drives, CLETS connections or apply patches and updates on an ongoing basis. We have found this Application Service Provider (ASP) business model to be a differentiator and an extremely cost effective and simplified customer centric approach. In addition non-hosted solutions are also available for agencies who wish to maintain their own hardware, platforms and environments.

It’s as simple as it sounds! The West Covina Service Group exists to help its member agencies by providing new software options which become integrated into each agencies system by our highly skilled technical staff. Most of the updates are completed without your staff having to do much more than learn the new software features. Advancing software designs and enhancements are accomplished through a committee process, allowing all agencies to have direct input, regardless of their size. Custom designed software and third-party integration is also available.

The West Covina Service Group is a revenue generating enterprise of the West Covina Police Department and has the full support of the City of West Covina and West Covina City Council.



We have over two dozen satisfied clients using our systems. Contact us today to see how we can help.


PMAM provides managed False Alarm Billing and Management services (FAMS) for agencies around the US. WCSG is proud to partner with PMAM to provide informational passthrough to allow our clients to utilize the services PMAM provides.

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