Computer Aided Dispatch

When every second counts, the West Covina Service Group’s Computer Aided Dispatch software has the reliability, features and tools available to help your professional call takers provide exceptional customer service for your community. With integrated GIS Mapping and multi-jurisdictional dispatching capabilities, the assignment of Police or Fire resources to an event has never been easier. The software’s robust connectivity options including externals, Record Management integration and a seamless data transfer into the Mobile Software Suite, extends the event data captured in CAD throughout your connected organization.

All critical information collected by the communications center is made available to field personnel almost immediately saving time, money and possibly lives. Information can be sorted, recovered and viewed on screens which are easily navigated by users in times of stress and uncertainty. A few clicks of a mouse, a command-line entry, or a combination of both, are utilized to start a call for service and get the appropriate resource(s) responding to a community need. With links to external data including local, State and Federal databases, the computer aided dispatch software is able to collaborate information into an easily interpreted data screen providing the call taker the information needed at their fingertips. Enhanced information related to specific locations including; preplans, documented hazards, wanted persons, real-time GPS locations of resources, all combine to provide the communication center immediate reliable notification of information to maximize the safety of personnel in the field.


AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location)

AVL tracking and reporting is provided by a combination of Mobile, CAD, and RMS software. Users of the West Covina Service Group CAD RMS, with appropriate permissions and credentials, can view the current location of active units, pending and active calls, and historical information through the Command Overview module in RMS. This information is updated in “near-real-time” and does not require any software to be installed on the RMS client workstation beyond a web browser.

The Command Overview module also supports a “historical mode” which enables the identified users to view the location and status of calls for service at any time during the prior six months. This feature allows for analysis of unit response, perimeters, and other key location-based information.



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